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A solution to bring fresh and healthy produce to communities and individuals who desperately need support to access healthy meals.

ECO Feeds


Support ECO Farm in
feeding those in need

The ECO Feeds project was created as a solution to bring fresh and healthy produce to communities and individuals who desperately need support with access to healthy meals.


A portion of the produce grown on ECO Farm in Cottonwood, Arizona is now being allocated to help feed the hungry and in need in the Verde Valley. Partnering up with other NPOs in our locale, we can incorporate our farm produce in the meals that they prepare for their community, and give those who are in need the opportunity to visit ECO Farm to learn about food security, health tips, and even see where their food came from.​

This operation can only be possible with the support of generous donors who understand that healthy food should be accessible and available to all. We hope you all can find it in your hearts to become a part of this project by donating to allow ECO Farm to continue to provide this service to our community. In turn, we would like to keep you up-to-date with reports of the people that you have helped through our social media feed, where you can see videos, images, and stories of the people you have helped feed and educate. Stay tuned to the ECO Feed!


ECO Farm Feeds and Supports 300 Families

See the difference you made!

As we move forward with our vision to provide to those in need, ECO will share stories, images, and videos to allow the world to see the contribution you made to the world.

ECO is proud to support our food source partners

ECO has teamed up with organizations that are pioneering food justice in their communities. ECO Farm's mission is to provide these food sources with fresh, nutrient rich foods to support sustainable healthy lifestyles.


In 2008, Haven started a food pantry for families in need in the Verde Valley, and has grown tremendously and the number of families coming to the food pantry has also grown immensely.


The Yavaipai-Apache Nation Food Bank Program is a supplemental food program designed to assist members of the Yavapai-Apache Nation in nutritional emergency need.


Who's our next partner?

ECO Farm is looking for opportunities to expand the communities we can support. Contact us if you would like ECO to support your food justice efforts.

Feeding communities with a Growing Community

Located in a central and easy access part or Cottonwood, AZ, ECO Farm invites the local community to be a hands-on contributor to ECO Feeds program, and become part of a growing family that supports our neighbors. 

Want to be a part of the ECO Feeds Project?

Contact us by calling 928-641-6817 or email

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