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A Perfect Close to January - A Farm Tour for the Local ARC

Last Tuesday, January 30th, we were delighted to have a large group of visitors from The ARC Cottonwood for a farm tour. We showed them the ECO Market Garden, and the barn; where we clean and box our foods, wash and package our eggs, and sort and weigh the pecans we'll be donating to the food bank.

The animals are always the main attraction, including the free-range chickens and mobile coup, and our friendly goats. After touring the front of the farm, including our large greenhouse, we traveled to the back of the farm to show them the orchard and ducks.

It was a fun day, and really nice having a lot of people on the farm. The energy was high! We asked the folks from ARC if they'd like to volunteer sometime soon. Several indicated they might like to, so we are hoping to hear back from them about helping with projects.

I asked one man, I recall his name was Joe, about his favorite part of the tour. He answered quickly saying. "The tractor," explained he used to drive one around when he was growing up.

Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel @goecofarm. Next week, we will be featuring the ARC farm tour.

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