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Nature Heals & Nurtures the Soul

Updated: Apr 10

Nestled under an enormous willow tree, hidden behind one of our barns, sits our nearly 4500 square foot ECO Farm greenhouse. The foundation was built several feet below the earth; making the soil warm and the atmosphere moist. Opening the doors and taking a step inside, is an experience! Our staff and volunteers often say how great this garden makes them feel. So what's the magic behind the greenhouse? This microcosm of an eco-system offers the same benefits as spending time outdoors.

Stepping down into the greenhouse triggers a lasting physical reaction. I notice my skin drinks up the moisture, and my body relaxes from the humidity in the air. The higher oxygen, produced by the plants, fills my lungs and renews my spirit.

I find myself standing still and embracing the experience, while listening and observing what's going on inside. Overhead, the tarp flaps from the wind outside, bringing droplet of moisture down from above like a cloud releasing rain. Falling to a natural rhythm, the sound of the water tapping on the leaves is soothing to the soul. I look around, breath in deep, and I swear I am not alone. Then, I realize I'm surrounded by all of the flourishing plants that are alive and have been growing since late winter.

It's interesting to think our greenhouse is much like the earth's eco-systems - only on a smaller scale. Without our volunteers to help reduce weeds, restore the soil and plant seeds, this oasis would not offer nature's physical and psychological benefits.

As Earth Day approaches, many of us try to treat the earth with respect and give back by nurturing the planet by tending the soil, cleaning trash or planting trees. Like our greenhouse, and our volunteers, the more people that help create and preserve natural and beautiful places on the planet, then more able Mother Nature will be to nurture our souls in return.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood on April 20, from 9 am to 2 pm, then you can stop by our ECO Farm for our Earth Day celebration, and spend some time planting trees, getting your hands in the dirt and enjoying the benefits of nature!

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