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We are Almost Finished Repurposing Our Tiny Micro-Green House

A huge wind storm broke the roof of our tiny greenhouse last year, and this farm shed sat neglected for months. The space was filled with fallen debris, old boards and boxes, and the shed became a home for rodents looking for shelter over the winter months. However, there was good reason to restore and repurpose this space!

The frame structure is made from logs and solid rustic boards, and there's a tiny yellow sign over the door that says "Jody's Greenhouse." We don't know Jody, but she must have built the shed at some point in time. After talking together as a group about how to use this space, we decided to transform the shed into a Micro-Green House.

Restorations cost money and we are a nonprofit organization with a limited budget, so our first step was to raise money for supplies. Several months ago we created a donation video, to show our donors and other potential supporters how this space will help us provide healthy food to the local community, and then our volunteers went to work moving the project forward by cleaning out everything that was inside. ECO's mission incudes educating the community on living and growing sustainably, so we decided to invite a local youth group to help with the project. Another win-win is that Home Depot supports projects where youth are involved, so we asked the Cottonwood store if they would be willing to provide a donation for roofing materials, hoses and other necessary supplies.

Great things happen in numbers! We received a $1000 donation from Home Depot and purchased items from our wish list to complete the project. This donation helped make our Tiny Micro-Green House project into a reality this year.

There are still some items and manpower required to complete the project, but we are excited about the progress we've made. One of our handy volunteers replaced the frame and roof a few weeks ago, and our staff and volunteers cleaned and replaced the glass windows. They also discovered a buried flagstone floor beneath the dirt that was carried in during a 2023 flood. We removed the stones with the idea we would rebuild the floor with the same stones, and try to reuse as much as possible.

This past week a few volunteers and staff put cement down on the floor, replaced the flagstone and brushed sand into the cracks to completely restore the floor. It's rustic appearance matches the feel of Jody's Greenhouse and is perfect for planting and growing inside!

The project is moving forward based on our timeline. The Launch Pad

youth group will be visiting the farm on June 15 to help complete the shelves, and maybe the teens can even help plant some of the greens - if we are ready.

Part of the ECO mission is for our volunteers to work together on projects, which helps build teamwork, and teach us all that there is power in numbers. By thinking things through, sharing ideas, and making decisions together, we learn something about ourselves and make a positive impact on the community.

Our mission is to educate people about sustainable farming and healthy living, and to increase our impact in the local community. This project has been a perfect example of how something awesome can be created when everyone rows in the same direction!

Thank you to Home Depot Cottonwood, and to all of our volunteers. We look forward to our June 15th event with The Launch Pad, which is when we will complete the restoration on the inside space. Please subscribe and stay tuned for more updates!

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