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What Happened to that Beautiful Fence?

Updated: Feb 7

Our biggest and most expensive project this year is to rebuild our farm fence. ECO staff, members, and volunteers were heartbroken when last year's Verde River flood not only covered most of the farm, but huge sections of the fence were washed out by water carrying debris and other trash. Despite the great effort our volunteers and staff put forth to clean the debris and take down broken posts, we still have a long way to go to secure funding to complete this project.

Future Vision


We are in the early stages of implementing a plan to help divert flood water and debris due to spring snow melts from the surrounding mountains, and spring rain. The initial plan will include wire fencing to secure several acres of pasture where our animals graze. We will then plant trees, overtime, to not only create a boundary, but to help reduce climate change. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, and carbon is then stored in trees and the soil, and then these lush green trees release oxygen into the atmosphere. Willow and other types of trees soak up lots of water, which help during flood season. And, these towering trees will create a natural canopy, and become an extension of our food forest.

Animal Habitat


The farm fence, when completely repaired, will help contain our free-range goats, and will provide more free-range territory for our chickens. Right now, our five goats socialize in a small pen outside their stall, but they miss free-ranging in a much larger open space. Goats also naturally add to a farm's regeneration by eating the grass, and leaving droppings in the soil.


This large pasture will also be home to new farm animals we plan to purchase in 2024. We are on a search for the right animals to help scare away wild predators, and to protect our farm. Our initial plan was to buy or adopt alpacas, but we've had several comments from experienced farmers who suggest we also consider donkeys and/or mules.


As a local nonprofit sustainable farm we operate off of the support of volunteers and donations from friends, members or anyone passionate about our mission. For more information go to

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