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How We Use Our Market Garden?

Updated: Feb 6

ECO Farm is a sustainable nonprofit farm located in the Cottonwood, Arizona in the Verde Valley. This means our profits all go back to the operations of the farm. Well, a market garden sounds like a profit making venture, right. It is, however, most of the foods we generate in our market garden is donated.

As part of our mission, ECO supports food justice in our state. Volunteers, ECO members and other visitors and friends carry out the day-to-day operations of the farm by helping plant and harvest fruits and vegetables among many other tasks.

There are several gardens on this nearly 12-acre property, but our Market Garden is our main garden. It's located at the front of the property, and away from the flood zone.

For several years, ECO farm has partnered with the community to provide donated fresh foods to those in need. Last year, we collaborated with the Friends of the Food Bank by donating hundreds of pounds of tomatoes, onions, egg plant, garlic, and a variety of other foods.

We are excited to say that this year we are working to renew this partnership, as well as donate foods earlier in the season to the Manzanita Food Bank.

The ECO Market Garden, greenhouse and other gardens on the farm, and our egg-laying chickens support the ECO Feeds Project. By donating to our ECO Feeds program, you are helping to feed the local community. More importantly, you are ensuring that people in our valley have access to fresh and natural foods.

Please consider supporting our ECO Feeds projects, so we can make an even larger impact in 2024.

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